Unexpected Colors

Unexpected Colors

We spend a lot of time here admiring things made by people. Buildings, museums, artwork, food. Even today we went on an architecture tour, where we looked at how impressive buildings were built differently throughout time. It’s amazing what people have created over the years.

But earlier today, I was struck by the beauty of something that humans have no control over. After a very tiresome day, full of walking, exhaustion, and rain, a rainbow emerged on our way home. And then we turned the corner and saw an impressive sunset. It took my breath away. Even though sunsets can be experienced all over the world, and I must have seen thousands in my lifetime, I have not become immune to them. I really took in and deeply appreciated a sunset in Prague for the first time, and it was quite an experience.


I have to remember to take in the things that nature created while I’m here, instead of just focusing on man-made creations. Even though I can see a sunset anywhere in the world, but I can only see the Prague Castle in Prague, somehow it seems new and different in Prague.

So I guess the moral of this post is to not take for granted the beautiful scenes we can get from nature. A sunset is as beautiful as a castle, but it’s fleeting, and every one is different.


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